Laboratory Plasticware
  • Order Code: P64021 Test Tube Cap

    Test Tube Cap

  • Order Code: P64102-03 Storage Vial

    Storage Vial

  • Order Code: P64111 Storage Vial with O-Ring

    Storage Vial with O-Ring

  • Order Code: P64115 Storage Vial -Internal Thread

    Storage Vial -Internal Thread

  • Order Code: P64201-02 SV10-SV5


  • Order Code: P65001-02 Scintillation Vial

    Scintillation Vial

  • Order Code: P65101-02 Rack For Scintillation Vial

    Rack For Scintillation Vial

  • Order Code: P65501 Cryo Vial-Internal Thread

    Cryo Vial-Internal Thread

  • Order Code: P66002-03 Cryo Vial

    Cryo Vial