8051 Microcontroller Trainer

Educational Wall Charts
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1. 8bit 8031/8051 microcontroller @ 10MHz
2. System Monitor ROM is 8K bytes
3. System break point RAM 32K bytes
4. User RAM 8k bytes supplied (6264); provision for up to 32Kbytes (62256)
5. User ROM is 8Kbytes
6. Onboard Battery Backup for the user RAM
7. On Board Peripheral chips -8155 RAM. I/O Timer, 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface, 8253
Programmable timer Counter, 8251 USART
8. Port accessible to user

  • Two 8 bit Parallel ports from 8155
  • Three 8 bit Parallel Ports from 8255
  • One 8 bit on-chip Parallel port P1
  • One on-chip Serial Port of 8031
9. All address, data control and 8031 port P1 and P3 lines brought out on a 50 pin FRC connector for system expansion
10. Operates with a serial CRTTerminal or with IBM Compatible PC Having terminal emulation software
11. Modes Of Operation:
  • Interrogation mode: for Interactive dialog with the system
  • Assembler mode: for Programming directly in assembly language
  • Continuation mode: for Setting RAM contents
  • Single step mode: for single stepping, break pointing and debugging
12. User Programs can be Downloaded or Uploaded in Intel Hex Format from the PC
13. Power Supply: Specially Designed 230VAC Power Supply