Advanced Antenna Trainer with variable frequency (550 MHz - 850 MHz) and 11 Antennas

Antenna, Satellite, GPS, Radar, RF Trainers
Order Code 10011


Antenna platform Order Code -10011 is a student friendly trainer kit for studying characteristics of different antennas. Order Code -10011 is designed so that students can take the readings and plot the polar plots themselves, thus understanding the subject thoroughly. They can even stop & repeat the readings in between if needed. All the antennas are made by high conducting rods with chrome finish for long durability and mounted on the glass epoxy PCB for easy mounting and dismounting Areas of Experimentation and Study

Technical Specifications
RF generator : 550 to 850 MHz approximately(with level adjust)
Modulation Generator : 1 KHz approximately (300 mV)
Directional Coupler : Forward & Reverse (On board selectable)
Matching Stub : Slide Stub
Antenna Rotation : 0- 360 Degree, Resolution 1 Degree Transmitting & Receiver masts provided
Receiving antenna : Folded Dipole with reflector
Detector Display : Adjustable meter
Interconnections : BNC
Power Supply : 230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption : 3VA (approximately
Weight : 3 kgs. Approximately
Dimensions (MainUnit-mm) : W 285 × H 75 × D 385