AM/ FM Radio Trainer

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Order Code 10905


AM/FM Radio Trainer Kit has components placed over their corresponding symbols in the schematic drawing on the surface of the printed circuit board thereby maximizing the learning process and explain theory of operation of the radios. The radios are constructed in sections with each section being completely tested before moving on to the next, reducing difficult troubleshooting associated with some other kits. Trainer includes a high quality printed circuit board with schematic printed on the surface. The manual is easy to understand and assumes no previous electronics knowledge. Trainer forms a “Superheterodyne” receiver of standard AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulated) broadcast frequencies.

(1) Am Radio Section:
  • Tuning Range : 520 KHz – 1620 KHz
  • IF Frequency : 455 KHZ
  • Tracking : - 3 db from 700 KHz to 1400 KHz
  • 10 db Signal to Noise at 200 microvolt typical
(2) Fm Radio Section:
  • Tuning Range : 88 MHz – 108 MHz
  • IF Frequency : 10.7 MHZ
  • Tracking : - 5 db from 90 MHz to 106 MHz
  • DETECTOR : Uses Ratio detector and full time auto frequency control
  • 10 db Signal to Noise at 12 microvolt typical
  • Audio Amplifier Circuit
  • AM Detector Circuit
  • AM IF Circuit
  • AM Amplifier Circuit
  • AM Mixer and Oscillator Circuit
  • FM Detector Circuit
  • First FM IF AMPLIFIER Circuit
  • Second FM IF AMPLIFIER Circuit
  • FM Radio Frequency Stages
(4) Other:
  •  Test Points : 15 Numbered as TP1 to TP15
  • Trainer is complete with : Ear Phone & Operational/ Instruction Manual.
  • Loud speaker on panel
Operative Voltage :
  • 9Volt DC Battery (Provided)
  • 9V DC Power Adaptor (Provided)