Analog Lab

Bread Board Trainers
Order Code 33502


ANALOGLAB is intended for elementary as well as advance training of analog electronics. The trainer covers regular analog circuits by solderless interconnections on breadboard and as well as compatible with all optional modules, through use of 2mm br

Bread Board : Unique solder-less large size, spring loaded breadboard consisting of two Terminal Strips with 1280 tie
points and 4 Distribution Strips with 100 tie points each, totaling to 1680 tie points. (Size:112mm x
170mm approx)
Regulated DC Power Supply : 5V at 1 Amp, -5V at 1Amp, 12V/0 to 20V at 500mA, and -12 V/0 to -20V at 500 mA
AC Supply : 5-0-5V, 10-0-10V at 100mA. Can be used as 5V,10V,15V,20V and also as center tap
Function Generator : Sine / Square / Triangular waveforms frequency 1 Hz to 110 KHz in 5 Steps. Variable in between steps.
Sine / Square / Triangular waveform output 50mV ~10Vpp variable
Modulation Generator : Sine / Square / Triangular wave forms frequency 1 Hz to 110 KHz in 5 Steps. Variable in between (100
KHz ) steps. Sine / Square / Triangular waveform output 50mV ~ 10Vpp variable with 100 KHz
Digital Meter (3½Digit) : Dual range DC voltmeter 0-20 V / Ammeter 0-200mA
Continuity Tester : For testing the continuity. Provided with Beeper Sound
Potentiometers : 3 Potentiometers (1K, 100K and 100K) with terminals
On Board Switches : 2 Switches Single pole double through
Power : 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Components Provided : Resistance ± 5% 1W 100E/1, ½ W 47E/2,100E/1, 220E/1, 390E/1,1K/1,¼W 100E/1, 220E/2, 270E/1,
330E/, 1K/3, 2K2/2, 3K3/1, 4K7/2, 5K1/1, 5K6/1, 10K/2, 12K/1, 15K/2, 47K/2, 68K/1, 100K/4,
180K/2, 220K/1 Capacitor 0.1uF/1, 0.22uF/3, 10uF/25V/3, 22uF/25V/2, 47uF/25V/2, 100uF/25V/1,
Diode 1N 4007/4, LED 5mm Red/1, Zener Diode 5V6/400mW/1, Transistor SL 100/1, SK 100/1, BC
107/2, BC 177/2,IC 741/2
Accessories : Mains cord, Operating and Experimental manual, Red & Black patch cords (2mm with Pin) 10 each,
Red & Black patch cord (Pin to Pin) 10 each & Component Set
Instruction manual : Strongly supported by detailed operating instructions
* Weight : 5 Kg. (Approx.)
* Dimension : W 412 x H 150 x D 310