Antenna Trainer with 11 Antennas

Antenna, Satellite, GPS, Radar, RF Trainers
Order Code 10008


The desktop Antenna Training System Order Code-10008 has been specially designed for engineering colleges and training centers. It is very useful for introducing practical verification of antenna operation to the students. The work book provides theoretical concepts and detail procedure of experiments with each type of antenna.
The training system includes set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit and a detector unit. All the accessories are packed in a convenient carrying case.
The Antenna Training System also comes with Motorised Antenna Unit (Model Order Code-10010) to automate the recording of the radiation pattern of the antennas. The Motorised Antenna Unit consists of a Microcontroller based system for Capturing, Displaying and Printing of Antenna radiation pattern. The system capture signal at an interval of 1° rotation using stepper motor and radiation pattern is displayed on PC . The Windows based Software is supplied in CD Rom. The PC Communication is via RS232 port. It used with Order Code-10010.

Technical Specifications
Waveforms : Sine
RF Generator : 750 MHz approximately (output adjustable)
Tone Generator : 1 KHz approximately (output adjustable)
Directional Coupler : Forward & Reverse (selectable)
Matching Stub : Slider type
Antenna Rotation : 0-360 deg. Resolution 1 deg.
Receiving Antenna : Folded dipole with reflector
Detector Display : Level adjustable meter
Interconnections : 2 mm Banana sockets
Power Supply : 230 V, ±10% 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption : 3 VA approximately
Operating Conditions : 0-400 C, 80% RH
Weight : 3 Kg approximately
Dimensions (mm) : W 385 x D 75 x H 285