Bio Medical Instrumentation Trainer

Biomedical Trainers
Order Code 71800


Specification of Master unit
 *  Power Supply Dc supply
5V / 1A, /- 12V, 500mA
0 to 15V DC (Variable) / 100mA.
0 to -15V DC (Variable) / 100mA.
 *  Computer Interface (CIA)
 Optoisolated Adaptor prevent to PC parallel port (25 pin PLT) due to wrong connections. Interfaces through 25 pin M to F cable 1mtr Length.P4XP not in scope of supply.
4DAC channels    : 0 to 2.5V full scale.
1 DAC channels   : O/P 2.5 V full scale
V to I Function block     :  Input  :  0-2.5Vdc
Output: 0-20 or 4-20mA,in 100E load Max
 V to PWM function block: I/P -0-2.5V, O/P-1KHz PWM O/P±9V.
 *  PC Software
 PC (P4/XWIN7) USB based Graph Utility Software for line waveform measurement
 *  USB I/O Module
 USB IO module to interface 25 pin D connector on CIA panel to USB port enclosed in 25 pin D shell using Type A to mini B cable
*  MIC Pre-Amplifier
 Handheld electret microphone with preamplifier function block with DC gain= 1,AC gain=50
 *  Audio Amplifier & speaker
 Amplifier gain 20, for audio range, Built in loud speaker - 8ohm / 500mw / earphone
 *  Level Shift card
 2 No. level shifter converting ± 9 V to 0-2.5 V for PC interface
*  Operating Voltage
 220/240Vac switch settable ± 10%, 50Hz/35VA
*  Mechanical Dimensions
 (A)Master Unit : mm(w), 160mm (H),350mm(D),Net
weight 7.5kg. Gross Wt. : 9.51kg.
(B)   Panel : 215mm(w),165mm(H),40mm(D), Net Weight =700gm approximately.
(C)    Patch  Cords:4mm  male  to  patchcords  16
Nos.[2-120mm      length,    14-500mm      length]
Modular experiment panels- Select one or more to work
 1) RPM / BPM / HRM / Pulse Oximeter Expt. Panel (BM1) (Provided with 16 banana & 3 test points)
¨  Function Blocks used:
 ·   LED   driver  @350Hz,  RED  &  IR  LED,  I  to  V
 converter circuit, Sample & hold c i r c u i t , B l o o d pressure Sensor (300mm Hg)mounted inside panel,  Shares MIC with pre-amplifier and loudspeaker with Audio amplifier from master Unit Band pass filters (11Hz & 1.6Hz) Analog wave to square wave converter, Wheastone Bridge, Instrumentation amplifier circuit (Gain=X50 & X 1),Skin Contact Measurement go/no go circuit, AC Amplifier (X20 gain)
 ¨  Detachable Sensor Modules / Electrodes: · i)Pulse oximeter probe / Module
ii)Lie detector With CAL & Temperature sensor, iii)Sphymomanometer / blood pressure apparatus,
iv)Electronic stethoscope probe / Module using Electret MIC