Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer

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Blood pressure trainer is an equipment to measure the human blood pressure, which consist of both systolic and diastolic pressure. Blood pressure is a very common physiological parameter which having very useful biological information about the heart. Designed in such a manner that it can measure the accurate value of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, also you can listen korotkoff sound using the headphone. Blood pressure gives the informationabout many diseases. In korotkoff method a cuff is tied around the upper arm of the patient and microphone is applied over the brachial artery. The corresponding electrical signal are fed to a pre amplifier and then passed from a band pass filter having bandwidth 25 – 125 Hz, with  this band pass filter a good signal to noise ratio is achieved when recording the korotkoff sound from the brachial artery beneath the lower edge of the cuff.
The system is so designed that after getting first korotkoff sound switches the systolic pressure and lock the reading on the digital meter. In the same manner the diastolic value is fixed by the last  korotkoff sound. The cuff is completely deflated automatically after an interval of 2-5 sec. after the determination of the diastolic value.

Provide accurate value of systolic and diastolic pressure
Separate test points to observe the waveform after each block
Self contained and easy to operate
Provide LCD display facility
Korotkoff sound can also be detectable using headphone
Oscilloscope can be used to observe the waveform
Specially designed for educational purpose

Technical Specifications
Display : Large screen crystal digital display
Inflation : Automatic with built in pump
Technology : Oscillometric method monitor attached arm Cuff
Deflation : Automatic rapid air release method
Sensor : Pressure detection mechanical capacitance Pressure sensor
Measurement range : 30-280 mmHg
Accuracy : Blood pressure: ± 4mmHg