Digital Lab Station

Bread Board Trainers
Order Code 33506


DIGITAL LAB STATION is designed for the logic beginners to enhance the comprehension of basic logical theory. The digital lab covers regular digital circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard and as well as compitable with all optional modules through use of 2mm brass terminals and patch cords The design of the equipment is easy to operate and understand. It is equipped with various kinds of basic logic gates, debounced logical switches, LED indicators, DC power supply with short circuit protection, pulse generator and solderless breadboard.
The unit housed in attractive enclosure is supplied with mains cord, patch cords, Instruction manual.

Experimental Coverage:
001. Logic gates operation
002. To prove De-morgan’s theorem
With boolean logic equations
003. Binary to Gray code conversion
004. Gray code to Binary conversion
005. Binary to Excess-3 code conversion
006. Binary Adder and Subtractor
007. Binary Multiplier
008. EX-OR gate implementation
009. Application of EX-OR gate
010. Johnson Counter
011. To verify the dual nature of Logic Gates
012. Study of Flip-Flops RS, JK, D&T
013. Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
014. 4 Bit Binary up and down counter
015. Study of 8 to 3 Line Encoder
016. Study of 3 to 8 Line Decoder
017. Study of Shift Register (SIPO)
018. CMOS-TTL Interfacing
019. Study of Crystal oscillator
020. Study of pulse stretcher circuit
021. 4 Bit Ring Counter
022. Modulo 12 Counter By Direct Clearing
023. Decade counter
024. Shift Register SISO and PIPO