Electrical Specimen Board

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Electrical specimen board have been designed specifically to study different types of insulators, isolators conduit pipes, plugs and receptacles. With help of this trainer student can make easy understanding about electrical isolators & insulators.
2 pole 40A - 01
3 Pole 40A - 01
4 Pole 40A - 01
Low voltage electrical C25 m6 conical busbar insulator for 1500V-01 set.
Plug (Stepless): 
2Pin 5A, 3Pin 6A, 3Pin (-) 10A, 3Pin 16A, 2Pin 20A Industrial.
2Pin 5A, 3Pin 16A, 3Pin 10A, 5Pin 6A, 2Pin 20A with cap.
PVC conduit pipe: Size - ½ & 1 inch 
Liquid flexible non metallic conduct pipe: Size - ½ & 1 inch 
PVC cusing & caping: Size - 1 & 1½ inch 
600 x 455mm, using aluminum steel, for batter safety, rigidness and contrast. Fixed on iron box with black powder coated.