Electro -Encephalograph Trainer

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EEG activity is due to charge movement in neuronal membranes. It is attractive to think of EEG activity as originating in defined nuclei, but in general the electrical potential represent the summed electrical activity from a substantial number of neurons. Electroencephalograph Trainer is a convenient means to observe waveforms generated at various point on human scalp. It has an in-built EEG Simulator which virtually helps the user to understand different measurement points and their combinational waveform either in average recording mode or unipolar recording mode. EEG Trainer allows user to observe and understand real time EEG waveform taken at various scalp points and their combinations.
Demonstrates and explains the significance of frequency ranges (Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta) generated on scalp. The frequency adjustment pots given on board vary the respective wave in its range at various points (FP1, F1, C1 and so on).

Specially designed for educational purpose
Provides amplified EEG output of different brain configurations
Separate test-points to observe waveforms after each block
On board Variable gain control facility
Inbuilt EEG Simulator explains the significance of frequency ranges of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta generated on scalp

Technical Specifications
EEG Amplifier
No. of channel : Single
Gain control : Variable
CMRR : Better than 80 db
EEG Simulator Output : Standard EEG signal output with
Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta wave
generator with Adjustable
Frequency Range
Power supply : 220V 10%, 50Hz