Electro - Myograph Trainer

Biomedical Trainers
Order Code 71804


The bioelectric potentials associated with muscle activity constitute the electromyogram, abbreviated as EMG. Electromyograph Trainer provides in-depth study and observation of electric potentials generated by the muscles.
Enables EMG signals observation by affixing pregelled Ag-AgCl surface electrodes at the surface to the body near a muscle of interest. Thus EMG measurements are intended to obtain an indication of the amount of activity of a group of muscles, rather than of an individual muscle fiber.
Aalso consists of built-in EMG Simulator to generate simulated EMG signals. This simulator is provided for internal EMG analysis because as on the educational level we cannot provide any invasive technique of penetrating needle electrode into the muscle. The simulator gives the information about the 10 types EMG patterns viz. Normal EMG, Excited EMG, Raw EMG Data, 100Hz Filtered, 250Hz Filtered, 1 Khz filtered, EMG at 0.53Hz, EMG at 53Hz, Power Spectrum at 0.53Hz, Power Spectrum at 53Hz. 

Separate test-points to observe waveforms after each block
 Provides amplified real time EMG output
Inbuilt EMG Simulator
Provides information about 10 simulated EMG outputs
Visible LED indication for all the simulated EMG outputs

Technical Specifications
CMRR : >100 dB
Filter (Band pass) : 1 Hz – 10 KHz
Notch filter : 50Hz
Simulated EMG indication : Visible LED
Electrodes : Surface Electrodes (Ag-AgCl)
Power supply : 230V ±10%, 50Hz