Heart Rate cum ECG Monitor Trainer

Biomedical Trainers
Order Code 71801


Heart-rate monitor cum ECG Trainer provides in-depth study of Electrocardiogram, ECG standard leads configuration, and the  measurement of heart-rate i.e. number of ECG pulses (heartbeats) per minute. Enables the Electrocardiogram observation by affixing Biomedical Electrodes to the human body in standard bipolar leads configuration. The Heart-rate monitor receives each ECG observation (heartbeat) i.e. Detects the electrical action executed by the heart of a subject (human body) and displays the heart-rate as number of heartbeats per minute. Also monitors the abnormalities occur in human cardiovascular system which is Tachycardia (faster heart-rate) and Bradycardia (slower heart-rate) using visible controls. It also facilitates real time acquisition of raw data (ECG) and their corresponding measurements by its real time Analysis Software.

Self contained and easy to operate
16x2 LCD display of heartbeats per minute
On board both visible (LED) and audible (buzzer) heartbeat event indicator
Separate test-points to observe ECG waveform after each block
(in simulation mode (SM) pre-amplifier and filter are not in the
function because data coming from the simulator is already
filtered and amplified data, while in real time mode all the blocks will be in the function)
In built Data Acquisition module with USB interface for Real time analysis On board one minute indicator
User Selectable Heart-rate, Bradycardia limit, Tachycardia limit display
On board Bradycardia and Tachycardia Indicator
On board Bradycardia limit, Tachycardia limit adjustment
User selectable buzzer for heartbeat indication
On board Reset for display and One minute Timer reset