Oscilloscope/ Demonstrator Trainer

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Oscilloscope Demonstrator Trainer is specifically designed for the study of working of an oscilloscope in an open form. The  Controls are placed actually at the place as they are in the layout schematic. Thus a trainee can easily locate any section, & components in the section and study it thoroughly. The function controls and the adjustment controls are fully accessible to the trainee to verify their effect on the working of the scope. Creation of Faults and rectification of faults are important exercise covered in the experiments. An illustrated Block and Circuit Schematic and the adjustment plan right in front of the trainee's eyes helps him to correlate each operation during the demonstration. 
Oscilloscope in open form with all components and controls placed on single PCB 
Amplifier, Time base, Channel section signal available on test points 
Separate sections for PS, EHT, VA, HA, TB & Trigger for easy identification
Fault creation & rectification provided
Track printing with different colours on different
sections on component board for easy circuit training
Legend Printing on PCB for easy identification of components
Can be used as a standard 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Technical Specifications
Operating Modes
Channel I, Channel II, Channel I & II Alternate or chopped, Controls
provided on PCB. Channel selection signals available at Test points. X-Y
operation 1:1
Vertical deflection (Y):
(Identical channels)
Bandwidth : DC-20 MHz (-3 dB)
Risetime : 17.5 ns (approx.)
Deflection coefficients : 12 calibrated steps 5 mV / cm - 20 V /
cm (1-2-5 sequence)
Accuracy : ±3 %
Input Impedance : 1 MW II 30 pF
Input coupling : DC - AC - GND
Maximum Input voltage : 350 V (DC Peak AC) Pre-Amp, Final
Amp Outputs at Test Points.
Time coefficients : 18 calibrated steps, 0.5 ìs / cm - 0.2 s /
cm (1-2-5 sequence) with magnifier x
5 to 100 ns / cm, with variable control to 40 ns / cm
Accuracy : ± 3 % (in Cal position) TB generation
at Test Points Sweep Output : 5 V (approx.)
Trigger System:
Modes : Automatic or Variable
Source : CH I, CH II, External
Slope : Positive or Negative
Coupling : AC, TV Frame
Sensitivity : Int 5 mm, Ext 1 V (approx.)
Trigger Bandwidth : 30 Mhz