Phonocardiograph Trainer

Biomedical Trainers
Order Code 71806


Phonocardiograph (PCG) Trainer is equipment used to record the sound generated due to mechanical activity of heart i.e. pumping operation of heart. Heart sound is a physiological phenomenon which provides diagnostic information in a frequency band from 20 Hz to 1000 Hz. The electronic sensor is placed on the subject's (patient) chest. PCG unit has a low noise and distortion- free amplifier, Filter selector and Gain control is adjusted depending on the user's requirement of pitch and intensity. The heart sounds can be heard clearly on the headphone. From the output sockets provided, the PCG unit can be connected to an Oscilloscope or Phonocardiogram data acquisition software, to obtain the Phonocardiogram of subject (human body).

Specially Designed for Educational Purpose
Provides Amplified audible Output
User Selectable Filter Section
On board Variable Gain Control Facility
Separate Test-Points to observe Waveforms after each Block With Real time PCG Acquisition Software

Technical Specifications
Frequency response: 1Hz -1 KHz
CMRR : Better than 80 db
Filter ranges : 25Hz - 50 Hz
50Hz - 100 Hz
100Hz - 750 Hz
750Hz - 1.2 KHz
Gain adjustment : Variable
Audio amplifier for Phonocardiogram output with Headphone out and PC interface
Power Supply : 230V, ±10%, 50Hz