Pulse Rate Meter Trainer

Biomedical Trainers
Order Code 71807


Each time the heart muscles contract, blood is ejected from the ventricles and a pulse of pressure is transmitted through the circulatory system. When this pulse is travelling through the vessels cause vessel's wall displacement, which is measurable at various points on the peripheral circulatory system. The pulse can be felt by placing figure tip over the radial artery in the wrist or some other location of the body. The pulse pressure and waveform indicates the blood pressure and flow. Instrument used to detect the arterial pulse and pulse pressure waveform in the extremities are called Plethysmograph. The pulse gives a measure of pulse wave velocity and can be recorded and compared with the ECG signal. The pulse wave travels at 5 to 15ms, depending on the size and rigidity of the arterial wall. Larger and more rigid the artery wall, greater is the velocity. 

Provide amplified pulse output
On board variable gain control facility
Separate test points to observe waveform after each block
Self contained and easy to operate
LCD display for different accuracy level
Accuracy 4%

Technical Specifications
Cable : 2 core shielded cable
Cable length : 1.1 meter approx.
Connector plug : 3.5 mm stereo plug
Dimensions (mm) : W 326 x D 252 x H 52
Weight : 1Kg (Approx)
For IR Phototransistor (3mm)
Chip material : Silicon
Lens colour : Black
Rise and fall time : 15/15 ìs
For IR LED (3mm)
Material : GaAIAs
Lens colour : Blue
Wave length : 940 nm
Operating angle : ±30°