SMD Rework Station - 2 in 1

Soldering & Desoldering Station
Order Code 72008


We are a leading and also pioneer in developing for the first time in India a soldering station with imported ceramic heater element with micro controller based and de-soldering stations and digital rework stations which are a must for any R & D lab and production facility. After carefully studying for over a decade, and with due consultation with different customers in labs, production, R & D, after years of trial and error, a very unique table top work station, which has unbelievable nine different operations with which operator can rework any sort printed circuit efficiently. (SMD PTH REWORK). The Units we have developed have very unique features and also with high utility and very long life, perhaps these units are serviceable for the first time in indigenous industry.

Input Voltage : 220 VAC
Power Consumption : 300 Watts
Air Pump : Diaphragm type
Capacity : 24 L/min
Hot Air Temperature : 200 to 550
Temp Accuracy : ± 1°C
Motor will switch off automatically after reaching 100°C
when the element is switched off

Accessories : 2 In One Unit
01 Control Unit------------------------------1 No.
02. SMD Hot Air Iron -----------------------1 No.
03. Soldering Iron----------------------------1 No.
04. Soldering Iron Stand -------------------1 No.
05. SMD Hot Air Stand ---------------------1 No.
06. Single Hole Nozzle ---------------------1 No.