Zigbee Wireless Technology Trainer Model

Consumer Electronics Trainers
Order Code 10941


  • Trainer offers comprehensive experiment set up explaining Bluetooth & Zigbee Protocols.
  • Either my buy shared set up with replaceable NICs or independent setup of nodes for each technology.  owever NICs could be replaced in one setup to experiment with other.
  • Table top setup made using light but sturdy Aluminum profile (4X2) Rack.
  • Lab PC with serial / USB port required for network monitoring or ot work as user, PC not in scope of supply.
  • Set of Users Guides provided with each unit.
  • Operating Frequency Band ISM 2.4GHz
  • Indoor/Urban : Up to 133`(400m)
  • Outdoor line-of- sight : up to 400`(120m)
  • Transmit Power : 2mW ( 3dBm)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: 95dBmRF Fata Rate:250,000bps
  • TX Current: 40mA(@3.3V)
  • RX Current : 40mA (@3.3V)
  • Power
  • Each direct sequence channel has over 65,000 unique network addresses available Point to-Point, Point or multipoint and peer to- peer topologies supported Self Routing, self -healing And fault-tolerant mesh networking
  • RSSI Indication on LED