8085 Microprocessor Trainer (LCD)

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Order Code 43204


43204 is a single board Microprocessor Trainer Kit based on 8085 Microprocessor, which is widely used to train engineers to develop software/hardware for any industrial process & control. This Kit consists of power-full Monitor EPROM, RAM, I/O Lines, Timer/Counter, Serial, 20x2 LCD Display and Keyboard for Man to
Machine Interface.

16K Bytes of EPROM with 8K bytes of Battery Backup RAM.
48 I/O Lines, Three Channel Timer/Counter, PC Serial Interface.
20x2 LCD Display with 101 ASCII Keyboard.
Power-full Command like Single Stepping, Break Point, Full Clock Execution, Examine Memory/ Register.
Uploading & Downloading to and from PC in Windows98/XP/NT.
In-Built Power Supply.

Based on 8085 CPU operating at 6.144 Mhz.
16K bytes of Powerful Monitor Program using 27512 EPROM
8K bytes of RAM using 6264 with Battery Backup using NICD Battery.
On-board one memory expansion up to 56KB.
Three Channel Timer/Counter using 8253 brought out at 10 Pins FRC Connector.
48 I/O lines provided through two nos. Of 8255 brought out at 26 Pins FRC Connector to interface with IC-XX Series.
RS-232C interface through SID/SOD lines
Two mode of commands:
- ASCII Key pad Mode
- Serial Mode