BPSK/DEPSK/DPSK Modulation/Demodulation Trainer

Communication Trainers
Order Code 40619


Order Code-40619 is an Advance Digital Communication Trainer System that helps one under stand various Digital Modulation and Demodulation Techniques. Various functional block diagrams are provided on-board as an aid for Teaching/Training. These Kits are provided with various Test Points to visualize the signals on Oscilloscopes.

l Onboard synchronized 500 KHz Sine-wave generator.
Differential Encoding type Data Format.
On-board crystal controlled Pulse Generator.
On board 8 bit Data Simulator.
Block Description screen printed on PCB.
In-Built Power Supply

  • Carrier Sine Wave Generator
- Provides synchronized Sine waveform output of 500KHz(0 deg.), 500KHz(180 deg.)
  • Clock And Data Generator
- 8 bit variable NRZ-L pattern generated depending on the position of the 8-dit Data Switch provided.
- Clock Frequency is of 250 Khz.
  • Data Format (Coding)
- Non Return to Zero-Level (NRZ-L)
- Differential Encoded NRZ-L.
  • Carrier Modulation Techniques
- BPSK modulation
- DPSK modulation
- DEPSK modulation
  • On-board features
- Square Looping Technique used in Demodulation section
- Switch Faults are provided on board to study different effects on circuit
- Block Description Screen printed on glassy epoxy PCB
  • Interconnections
- All interconnections are made using 2mm banana Patch cords.
  • Test points are provided to analyze signals at various points.
  • All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
  • Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used.
  • In-Built Power Supply of 5V/1.5A, ±12V/250mA with Power
  • ON indication
  • Attractive enclosure
  • Set of 2mm Patch cords for interconnections
  • User's Manual with sample experiments programs.