Bread Board 840 Tie Points - Basic Quality GL-12

Bread Board Trainers
Order Code 33531


You just plug-in vertically your components in the position you want without soldering. The pro-jectboard will accept up, clock-clips, the smaller DIP’s. Each unit will accept transistors, diodes, LEDS, resistors, capacitors, pots and virtually all types of components. The units are desired to use # 22-30 solid hookup wire for interconnection will plug-in ease. it could be combined with a series features a unique interlocking desired, without tools to meet changing requirements and components are reuseful.
  • External Body is made of ABS.
  • The internal interconnected clips are Nickel-Plated.
S.No. Specifications Order Code Order Code Order Code
    33531 33532 33533
1. Length 172mm 165mm 172mm
2. Width 65mm 54mm 65mm
3. Height 10mm 8.5mm 10mm
4. TIE Points 840 830 840
5. 5 Inter- connected Clip 128 126 128
6. 25 Inter- connected Clip 8 8 8
7. IC Capacity 14 Pins 9 9 9