Cut Section of Machines

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Order Code 46604


46604 Cut Section of Machines is an important part for all Electrical laboratories. Study of these machines is integral part of any educational course in Engineering. Student can easily understand various parts and operation of these machines with the help of these running cut section.
A comprehensive Cut Section of all types of Machines is designed to explain the working principle behind the major Machines parts. With this, students are able to see clearly the major component of the Machines and how they are interconnected, both electrically and mechanically which helps them in enhancing their knowledge.

Easy to operate
Quality designed motor with running condition
Easily distinguish the internal part of machines
Provided with terminal box for ease of connection
Learning material CD
2 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications
Model Nos. Rating Type of Machines
46604 1 HP DC Shunt
46604A 1 HP DC Compound
46604B 3 HP 3-Phase AC Synchronous
46604C 1 HP 3-Phase AC Squirrel Cage
46604D 1HP 3-Phase AC Slip Ring
46604E 1 HP DC Series
46604F 1HP 1-Phase Capacitor Start
Capacitor Run Induction motor
Weight : 27kg (approximate)