Fire Alarm Trainer

Machine & Power Electronics Trainers
Order Code 46631


Technical Specifications
 A] Aluminum profile modular flat demo panel rack system (table top) carrying carious components housed in plastic enclosures (panels) to minimize shock possibility, in top three rows. The bottom row holds control panel with batteries.
1 phase AC Input Supply panel (EMT16A)
1ph. dual MCBs of 2A for short circuit protection
Smoke detector panel (FAT1)
Photoelectric smoke sensor
Operating voltage - 12VDC
Standby current - 20uA
Alarm current - 35mA@12VDC
Alarm output - Remote LED
Temperature - 0% ~ 95%RH
Heat detector panel (FAT2)
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Static current :<55uA
Alarm current : <25mA@12VDC
Alarm output : Remote LED ON,
Temperature tripe point : 135°F (57°C)
Operating temperature :- 10°C~ 50°C, <95%RH
Detecting range :50 square meter with the installation height of 6m; 12m
Manual call point(MCP) panel (FAT4)
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Resettable type: MCP
Active/de active LED indication
Push to activate & deactivate by plastic key
Siren with flasher panel (FAT5)
Operating voltage: 12VDC@500mA
Power: 6W
Sound level: 105dB
Flashing rate: 150 per minute
Gas (LPG) Leak detector panel (FAT3)
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Relay output contacts with max: 24V@1A
Inbuilt alarm indication buzzer
Inbuilt heat detector (trip point 60°C)
Control panel (FAT6)
2-Zone conventional control panel
Supply voltage: 230VAC /-10%/50Hz/max X 2W
12VDC (6V,4.5A X2nos) rechargeable battery backup
Zone indication: Fire detection, sensor open, sensor short, sensor bypass & zone test indication
Status indication - system ON, fire indication, reset key hit, silence key hit, zone fault & siren ON
Fault indication : AC fail, Hooter fail, Battery low
5 keys keypad
Keypad enable /desable by key lock
Relay output for siren with max: 24VDC@5A
Operating temperature: 0 to 50° C, <95% RH
Auxiliary output: 12VDC/500mA