Insulating Oil Tester - Analog - Motorised 60KV

Oil Insulation Testers
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Insulating Oil Testers are designed for the easy and accurate determination of the die-electric strength of insulating oils used in transformers, switchgears, bushings, capacitors and other electrical apparatus. They are ideal for on-site field and laboratory use.
HV Transformer
The HV transformer is a completely dry resin encapsulated transformer with two HV terminals with mounting saddles. The midpoint of the transformer HV winding is earthed so that the voltage of each terminal to
earth is only half the test voltage.
Maximum possible safety of the operator as well as the equipment is ensured by a safety conscious design. The output controller is interlocked at its minimum position so that HV can be switched ON only when the voltage controller is at zero and the hood is shut. The output controller must be brought to zero after every test or interruption. The hood leading to HV terminals has a safety switch fitted so that opening of the hood shuts the HV OFF.
Portable, powder coated, sheet steel with lifting handles.
Test Cell model TC-2
The test cell with cover is made of Methyle Methacrylate ( Acrylic ) having effective oil volume between 300 to 500ml with adjustable and removable 36mm mushroom head electrodes to IS 6792 & IEC 156 along with electrode gap distance GO & NOGO gauges, made of alloy steel, precision ground and hardened.

Input : 240V ±10%, AC,1 phase, 50/60Hz
Display : Analog models: 96mm square
Digital models: 3 digit 12mm LED
Accuracy : ±4% of full scale deflection/range Shut down sensitivity
in HV circuit : 20mA max.
Rate of rise of voltage : Motorized sets