Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus

Theory Of Machine Lab
Order Code 29002


The apparatus consists of a rotor mounted in bearings. This rotor is free to rotate about   
(i) Its own axis i.e. axis of spin.
(ii) Axis of precession.
(iii) Axis of gyroscopic couple.
The rotor is connected to the variable speed motor. The weight of the motor is balanced by another weight, which is on either side of the rotor. By putting weights on the weight platform torque can be supplied to rotor, which is also 
called gyroscopic couple.
1.Rotor dia. 250mm free about 3 axis of rotation driven by variable speed motor.
2.Dimmerstat to control the motor speed.
3.Stopwatch to measure the angular speed about the axis of precession.
4.Weights - 0.2 kg, 0.5 kg and 1 kg.
5.A technical manual accompanies the unit. 
Services required:
1.220v stabilized AC supply with earthing connection.
2.Bench area - 0.5 x 0.5m at working height.
3.Tachometer for speed measurement (can be supplied at extra cost).