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Introduction :
Programmable logic controllers ( PLC ) have become the standards for control tasks in industry. For technicians and engineers, an understanding of the principles & operations of PLC is very important. The proposed PLC training package offers a complete structured solution to the problems of their training. The trainer uses Industry standard PLC with a realistic application board to achieve its objectives. By providing an industry relevant application the system allows user to gain valuable hands on skills in the use of PLC. The system teach-ware provides a structured, selfpaced introduction to the world of PLC’s and their applications.

Technical Specifications:
Conveyor System
The conveyor mechanism is fitted with opto-electronic sensors for detection of components and three pneumatic cylinders with solenoid valves for component selection. The system is pre-wired with start/stop switches and red/green indicators. A three-compartmented bin is provided to receive selected components. Interface units are provided for sensors, motors and solenoid valves. A selection of components for exercises is provided.