RF Trainer + 23 Modules + 500 MHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator with Directional Coupler

Antenna, Satellite, GPS, Radar, RF Trainers
Order Code 10208


Training Lab RF Training Lab is designed to allow you to actually SEE the Electronic Spectrum in “real time”. The modulation products and sidebands of AM, FM, SSB, DSB, DSB-SC, VSB waveforms can be studied. The frequency range and high sensitivity is suited to EMI/EMC measurements, both radiated and conducted.
A tracking signal source along with directional coupler can be used to measure any two port network. Different training modules are provided for study and experimentation.

* 50MHz to 500MHz measurement range
* Waveform and modulation independent
* Low cost with high performance
* Inbuilt frequency counter
* Wide input range -85dBm to 20Vp-p
* RF modules for experimentation
* Tracking signal source for network analysis

Technical Specifications
Frequency 50 MHz – 500 MHz
Center frequency 4 digit LED display .
Resolution 100KHz
Input Impedance 50 Ohms (BNC)l
Horizontal scan upto 50MHz/div continuous
Center freq. Variable control
CRO Output Linear X out (BNC)
Log Y out (BNC)