Satellite Trainer

Antenna, Satellite, GPS, Radar, RF Trainers
Order Code 10201


* Emulation of path loss at uplink and downlink
* Emulation of frequency translation
* High RF output power and low noise
* PLL synthesizer in Transmitter, Receiver and Satellite
* Condenser microphone and speaker for audio link
* Camera and Monitor for video link
* 4 Dish for linear polarization study
* C/N and S/N measurement facility
* Transmit Audio, Video, Digital/Analog data, Tone, Voice, function generator waveforms etc.
* Receives & demodulates 3 Signals Simultaneously

Technical Specifications
Satellite Uplinking Transmitter
Frequency : 4 channels in 5.8 Ghz band ; PLL with frequency selection switch & LED indication
RF output level : 3 dBm nominal with wideband RF amplifier with no manual matching required
Audio 1 : Int. 1KHz sine wave / Ext Mic Ext. Function Generator waveform
Audio 2 : Int. 1KHz sine wave / Ext Mic Ext. Function Generator waveform
Video : Analog Camera/VCD compatible
Waveform : upto 5MHz Function Generator
Digital : Max rate 100KHz typical
Baseband : Transmits 3 signals simultaneously at each uplink frequency
Processor : PIC16F4 - 8 bit RISC processor based PLL with 4 Mhz clock
Bandwidth : 16 Mhz
Modulation : 5/ 5.5MHz Audio FM Modulation 8 Mhz Video FM Modulation
Antenna : Detachable Parabolic dish with mount
Inputs : separate terminals for different inputs
Power Supply : 100-240VAC 47-63Hz