Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer - Exhaustive Practical Course

Instrumentation Trainers
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Transducers and their related Instrumentation circuitry are commonplace in all aspect of everyday life. An Industry grows evermore reliant on transducers to monitor and control numerous processes and production systems. The new generation of Engineers and technicians must be skilled in the technology of transducers and Instrumentation. The proposed Transducer & Instrumentation trainer is a single self-contained Panel Trainer covering fundamentals of Transducers & Instrumentation and providing comprehensive training resource. Unlike traditional training systems, this compact, portable design of unit along with its associated competency based teach-ware makes it ideal for both On /Off site training. The system teach-ware includes detailed curriculum text and Technical manual.

Technical Specifications :
The system comprises a rugged, portable hardware module that features a PCB mounted in a steel case. All electrical and pneumatic power supplies are housed in a case. The PCB features a system layout screen-printed in yellow and white onto a green plastic panel. A comprehensive series of transducer input and output devices together with signal conditioning and instrumentation circuit is provided. These include:-