Universal Programmer & Tester - TOP - 3000

IC Testers & Programmers
Order Code 68043


·      USB interface with auto-switch power
·      Support 5V and 3.3V low voltage devices, 1.8V chip support through low voltage Adapter.
·      Less then 2 seconds per Mbit Programming speed for high density flash chip.
·      No adapter for DIL chip up to 48-pin
·      48-pin universal pin driver and current limit
·      Auto-sense/ Self programming with statistical report
·      Device insertion /continuity check
·      Universal adapter for 44-pin PLCC/ QFP/ QFP/PSOP and 40/48 TSOP, Optional
·      Supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista(32bit) / 7(32bit / 64bit)
·      Automatic EPROM/ Flash ID search
·      Serialization for Memory/1P chip
·      Memory buffer H / L byte swap
·      Project file save / load function
·      User-selectable verify Vcc with one or Twopass verify voltage
·      Automatic file format detection and conversion.
·      User-changeable programming parameters
·      48-pin DIL/ ZIF socket with receptacle for 8- pin to 48-pin 300/ 600-mil devices.
·      Four DACs for Vcc, Vpp1, Vpp2 and Vpp3 with 8-bit resolution. Software controllable rises time and current limit protection.
·      Logic driver supports pull-up/ pull-down or high impedance on all 48 pins with 2.0V-5V level
·      Memory : PROM, EPROM, EEPROM,Flash, Serial PROM, NVRAM
·      Others: OTP/ Flash Micro-controllers.
·      Read, blank check, device insertion/ contact check, verify, checksum, EPROM ID check, compare, erase chip, function test, program, memory protect, device configuration setting, device search, edit buffer, mass production mode, modify vector, serialization, H/L byte buffer swap, buffer search
·      Accepts JEDEC test vectors up to 48 pins
·      2500V/usec. rise time
·      File format conversion
·    JEDEC, POF, Binary, Intel HEX, Intel EXT HEX, Motorola S, HP 64000ABS, Straight Hex, Automatic detection and conversion.